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Civil Litigation

Sometimes it happens.

I bet most people do not automatically think about getting an attorney when a dispute is no longer manageable by themselves.  They try to fix the problem on their own or tolerate the wrongs because we all know that litigation is expensive.

However, in some cases, you need an attorney because the possible injustice that will result if nothing is done is greater than the expense.  The longer you wait to get an attorney, the more expensive resolving your conflict(s) may be.  In some situations, if you wait too long to get justice, you may never get that opportunity.

Do not hesitate to get someone to help you.  Contact Easterbrook Law.

Legal Representation

Need to file a complaint or need to file an answer?

Easterbrook Law Can Help!

Contact Easterbrook Law when confronted with the following:

  • Contract disputes/ insurance policy disputes

  • Landlord/tenant issues

  • Defense to torts

  • And more

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