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Family Law

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Exchanging Rings

So much more than an "I do!"

Plan for Success

Lots of people get married without giving a second thought about their fairy tale coming to an end.  Whether you are well off or do not have much at this time, I encourage any couple to obtain a prenuptial agreement before entering the commitment of marriage.  So much goes into planning the wedding, consider planning for the marriage by setting a solid foundation.

If you are already married, a post-nuptial agreement can be made.  I believe that both prenuptial agreements and post-nuptial agreements can increase trust and transparency while reducing future pain and future expenses should a divorce happen.

Although progress has been made in accommodating the needs of the modern family, some domestic arrangements are not recognized by the state.  In these situations, a cohabitation agreement may be necessary to give the parties certain rights.  While such agreements cannot give the parties involved the same rights conferred by marriage, having a cohabitation agreement is helpful and may be able to confer some rights for the people involved.  Easterbrook Law can help with drafting a suitable agreement to help with your needs.


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