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Some Questions You May Have

The Answers You Need

Can I just represent myself?

This a frequent question that many people have.  

The short answer to the question is -yes, you have the right to represent yourself and only yourself in many situations.

The long answer is that the law is complex and nuanced.  Certain business structures require an attorney to represent the business in court. If you make a mistake by not following a procedure or by not supporting your case adequately and correctly, you most likely will not get your desired outcome. However, no one, not even an experienced attorney, can guarantee you the outcome you are expecting. 

Although, getting an attorney involved should improve your legal situation.

Can I go to a legal website to get some forms and fill them out myself?

Yes, you can go to a legal website, print the forms and fill them out yourself.  However, the law is complex and nuanced.  Even the best of lawyers cannot draft a watertight contract, although many contracts come close. Also, depending on the document, whether the document is a will or documents to incorporate a business, certain procedures must be followed for those documents to be valid.

Should I choose a lawyer that wants to go to court?

This is your decision.  My preference is to avoid the courtroom, so  that you are not losing YOUR time and YOUR money on an unresolved conflict.  
In my opinion, the courtroom is the last place to go because there is no other alternative to resolve a conflict. Most of the time, when two parties go into the courtroom, one party is going to win and one party is going to lose.  
No attorney, regardless of experience, can guarantee you who is going to win and how much a party will win.
However, if you have to go to court, I will zealously advocate your position.

Why did my friend get more or less for their injuries sustained from their car wreck?

Each case has unique and small details that determine the outcome.  For example- your friend may or may not seem as credible as you are.  They may be a male or a female.  They may have several children or none at all.  They may have a spouse.  Your friend could be more or less attractive than you are.
There are many factors that can explain why your friend got more or less for their claim. The main thing is that you are unique; therefore, the value of your case will be unique as it pertains to you.

Do you do any pro bono work?

There may be instances when I charge a reduced fee or no fee, which are the following: I am appointed by a court in the state of Tennessee, or you have a simple adoption in which you could use my assistance.   There are plenty of children in this state that need parents to provide  love and affection.  
I do not pay any fees to do pro bono work, you would need to pay court costs and any fees in the event that I accept your case.  Except for being appointed by a court to do pro bono work, any pro bono work is at my discretion on a case by case basis.

How much do you charge?

  • I provide a free consultation for injuries that are a result of a car accident.

  • Certain personal injury cases can be handled by a contingency fee only arrangement

  • Fees and the type of fees that I charge are dependent on the facts of your case.

How do I appoint you as my attorney?

First, you will need to get in touch with me.  Second, I will check for any conflicts of interest.  Third, I will request for us to meet at an agreed upon location, such as a conference room in a courthouse.  Finally, we will discuss your situation, and you will pay a consultation fee of $180, if your situation requires.

I will decide if I want to take your case, and you will decide if you want my services.  You will review and sign an agreement and make payment.  Once your check is approved, I can commence working on your case.

Will I get a refund on my retainer?

More than likely, you will not get a refund for a retainer fee paid.  I will explain the retainer fee agreement in more detail.

Will I have to pay multiple retainer fees?

Maybe.  A retainer fee is like putting gas into a car, the car will go as long as it has fuel.  If more time is required to resolve your case, then you will need to pay another retainer fee.

Do you offer a payment plan?

No, I do not offer a payment plan.

Currently, I do not operate a non-profit organization, nor do I plan to run a charity.  While I am sympathetic to your legal and financial plight, I am running a business. 

I will need my payment up front.  Presumably like you, I have bills to pay, a family to support, and dreams to pursue. 

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