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Criminal Defense

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DUI -Driving Under the Influence

Receiving a conviction for DUI is devastating. If you or a loved one is charged with a DUI, get a lawyer to defend you or your loved one from the charge.

A lawyer can review the circumstances and offer a plan to mitigate the charges or even have the charges dismissed.

When people think about DUI, they usually think about someone having one too many drinks.  Please know that a person also can be charged with a DUI for being under the influence of things like over-the-counter medication, prescription medication, and recreational drugs.

Tennessee has an "implied consent" law that requires a lawfully arrested person to submit to a breath test.  While the officer may request a blood or breath test, only a breath test is required without a warrant.  An unlawful refusal leads to a one-year suspension for a first occurrence and a two-year suspension for a second offense within ten years. 

If you are facing a DUI charge, Easterbrook Law can help.  

Police Cars

Other Criminal Charges

Having a brush with the criminal justice system is a distressing experience.  Even a misdemeanor can have a massive impact on a person's life.  When faced with such a life changing experience, you or your loved one needs an attorney that will explain the process, the options, and what the likely outcome will be, and that will fight to defend you or your loved one from the charges as much as reasonably possible. 

When faced with criminal charges, get an attorney.  Easterbrook Law may be able to help.  Whatever the offense, I do not judge.  If I choose not to take your case, I will recommend an attorney that can assist you.

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