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Personal Consultation
Business Consultation
Risk Management

Sometimes you may just want another person's opinion on how to address a particular concern that may only touch a legal issue.  Easterbrook Law can help.

I am happy to provide a comprehensive analysis to your questions for a fee that is to be paid up front.  Fees vary depending on what is required to deliver a quality work product for you and me.

Please understand I do not sell financial products, (i.e.: annuities, insurance policies, bonds, and other financial instruments).  I am not a Registered Investment Advisor, and I do not manage asset portfolios for clients.  Therefore, I can give you a neutral  and objective opinion about financial planning without you feeling the pressure to buy a certain product or taking certain actions.  

Please note any advice that can be construed as investment advice is solely incidental to my practice of law in the state of Tennessee.

 If you have a  tax question, please consult either a Certified Public Accountant or a tax attorney.

Stones of Meaning

Personal Consultation/Life Coaching

What is right for you?

  • Should I partake in my employer's 401K?

  • Should I buy or lease?

  • What should be my next step in my personal life?

  • Should I quit my job?

  • What should my budget look like?

( If your questions pertain to a health matter, please seek a competent professional's assistance.)

Business Consultation

Manage Your Business Effectively

  • How can I get my business to the next step?

  • What business structure is best for my business?

  • Should I expand my business?

  • Other similar questions

Together at the Top
Chess Game

Risk Management

How much risk is tolerable?

  • What are the risks?

  • Are there ways to mitigate the risk?

  • What risks does my retirement plan face?

  • Do I need more insurance, and if so, what kind?

  • Should I hire or fire an employee?

  • Should I sign this contract?

  • Other similar questions

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